Reading about the science behind this software, I decided to put on the headphones and shut off everything else for 20 minutes and do the HighIQPro training. 20 sessions later and I was still going, and the cognitive benefits have been remarkable – more clarity, better thinking, more focus.

Lena Andersen, Early Years Professional, Cambridge, UK

My IQ was 119 on the TRI-52 before training with High IQ Pro. After 20 days of training my IQ was measured at 133 on the Jensen IQ test – a gain of 14 points. That’s Mensa standard. I’m thinking more effectively, my decision making is better – I feel smarter too! I strongly recommend this software.

Alison Dymond, GP, Devon

The HighIQPro upgrade has been excellent for continued training beyond the 20 sessions. I have been using the fast speed setting, and alternating between numbers and letters in audio mode. I can sustain a 6-back with 3 sessions a week, only 10 blocks per session.

N. Tocowikz, Graduate Student, University of Pittsburgh, USA

clear layout
excellent handling of user id
good graphing – not just the graph itself, but the progress bar for the 20 sessions

Mat Chivers, financial advisor, SW London

I was skeptical about the specific numbers claimed for fluid intelligence, working memory and IQ gains. But after training the numbers held up. Very impressive.

Barry A. Store, Optometrist, Cambridge

When I started training at first I was on my own, and found it tough. I actually had a break for a few days – until I started training with a friend. We had a friendly rivalry going – but what was important was that we motivated each other through the whole 4 weeks, and it was well worth it. What was amazing was that we both started 2 points apart on the IQ test, and ended up with the same score – 117.  That was awesome!

Jeremy Barrows, California, USA

I’m a high frequency portfolio manager in New York, and in my job I develop statistical, systematic and rule-based strategies for U.S. equities, futures and fx. I need to be smart for my job. HighIQPro has helped my performance.

Mike Mahoney, Derivatives Trader, New York

I purchased the software, and I am seeing improvement in the training.  I guess, from the IQ tests I have taken so far, that I am already qualified, but with right training I might be able to aim higher. … Thanks a lot for HighIQPro.

Ryuta Arisaka, UK

You were right!  I kept at it and am now averaging n = 6.5 after 24 sessions.  Thanks so much for sharing this technology with people! I’m enjoying your blog as well. It does seem to be helping my cognitive effectiveness so far, at least on Raven’s matrices IQ tests.  I scored a 118 on the Anders Jensen before the training, and after the training I scored a 768 on the TRI-52, which I suppose translates roughly to a 133-134 IQ.

Andrew Clark, USA

I’m more interested in my overall brain fitness and intelligence for work than IQ tests, but I took the TR52 before my training  – and the other IQ test after it. I scored 12 points higher. I was expecting more but I researched it and found that 12 points amounts to a very big step up in terms of the general population – in terms of percentiles. So this is a big effect, and I’m happy to have put the effort into this training rather than trying something more convenient and jazzy but a complete waste of time. I find that I’m sharper and more efficient in my work, and I’m generally able to focus better. I used to get distracted easily and I’m finding I get less distracted.  I came up with a good solution to a problem at work the other day that was ‘intelligent’ (my work is getting more and more analytical).

Susan J. Owen, histotechnologist,  St. Louis

Last time I reported I was on  session 5 on a 3-back. I was dividing my training into two daily 15 minute sessions. I was preparing for my GRE and can happily report that I got the promised gain in working memory and IQ. I did better than expected on my GREs.

Anthony O’Reilly, psychology student, Maryland, USA


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