IQ Increase Money Back Guarantee

Estimated IQ increase – 20 days training

Based on the scientific research, we can predict the following IQ point gains from 20 days of HighIQPro training on average. Higher gains are possible.

  • If you now have an IQ of 100, you will gain (on average) 15-20 IQ points, or more putting your post-training IQ at up to 120.
  • If you start with an IQ of around 120 you will gain approximately 15 points, putting your post-training IQ at over 130. You are likely to move from the top 16% of the population to the top 2% of the population – MENSA standard.

IQ increase guarantee

We guarantee a 10-20 point IQ increase as a result of your HighIQPro training, or your money back – immediately.

For the purposes of the guarantee, your are given access to two online culture-fair and scientifically valid IQ tests to get accurate pre and post-training measures of your IQ level. They both have good validity and provide accurate measures of your IQ level.

We have selected these two tests because they are the only two IQ tests we know of that are scientifically valid, similar in length, and culture-fair – that is, do not require specific language skills or cultural knowledge.

Memory increase guarantee

We guarantee at least a 40% increase in your working memory capacity, or your money back – immediately.

HighIQPro is based on training and increasing the capacity your working memory – a type of short term memory. Working memory has been shown to be closely linked to many measures of cognitive performance.

The HighIQPro application has a built in performance measure of your working memory that is scientifically valid. With this you can see your dramatic performance increase over time.

How does the guarantee work?

After you purchase your copy of HighIQPro the online Help Page will describe what you need to do to ensure that you get your money back if you do not attain the promised IQ & memory performance gains after training with our software.

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