HighIQPro Specifications

Valid Online IQ tests

 Two, scientifically valid, online IQ tests – for pre and post-training measures of your IQ score.

 Scientifically valid measure of your working memory capacity.

Software Application

 Easy to use.

 Scientifically selected program of IQ brainteasers for problem-solving IQ training.

 Scientifically proven ‘dual n-back’ working memory training. Unlimited training time.

 Original (Jaeggi) n-back method option – exact replication.

 Advanced n-back algorithm that prevents ‘short cut’ (chunking) strategies, a major problem with the Jaeggi n-back, ensuring maximum training effects.

 Feedback on N-back performance relative to other HighIQPro users – with ‘Hall of Fame’ option.

 Audio, Visual (practice) and Dual (audio plus visual) modes.

 Presentation speed setting options: 3 seconds (standard setting) or 1 second (rapid presentation for exercising processing speed).

 Letters and numbers options for dual n-back audio mode.

 Audio error feedback option for more rapid learning.

 English, German, Italian and Spanish language options.

 Color indexing of different working memory capacity levels.

 Screenshots here.

Performance Feedback

 Clear performance feedback – both graphical and numerical – accessible at any period during training.

 Optional real time n-back performance comparison with other HighIQPro users after each training session.

 Top 10 ‘hall of fame’ for n-back scores.


 Integrated links to on-line resources, including extensive Help information. Regular IQ increase blog feeds.

 Customer’s exclusive IQMindware forum.

 Facebook online community.

 24 hour IQ and software related support from neuroscience PhD.

Money Back Guarantee

 10-20 points on a validated IQ test

 >40% short term memory gain.


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