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The training period is 20 days, 15-25 minutes each day. The game task is easy to learn and continually adapts to your level of practice, and has built in incentives to help your training enjoyment.

HighIQPro combines multiple versions of the highly effective working memory training task – the dual n-back – with scientifically designed puzzles for IQ strategy training. For a review of the best strategies for n back training click here.

At every point of the 20 day program, you have access to other user’s average performance at that point which can further motivate your training.

What do you do in the training task?

HighIQPro is a working memory training task. Working memory is short term memory for holding and manipulating information while ignoring distracting information.

Single N-Back

In ‘Visual Training Mode’, when you press the ‘Start’ button, the ‘Training Task’ window will open and every 3 seconds a blue square will move to one of 8 locations randomly. This screen is shown here with a blue square in one of the eight locations:

The training starts at what is called an nback of 2.  This means that you have to press a ‘match’ key when the spatial location of the square is the same as 2 moves earlier. This is a memory gap of 2 or (technically) a ‘2-back’. In the example of a 2-back below, there are 2 matches in 6 square moves.  If you correctly press the key when there is a match you get points, if you miss the match or if you press a key when there is no match, you lose a point.


If you got 90% or more correct over 20 turns,  the ‘memory gap’ for the next block  increases to a ‘3-back’. This is called an ‘n-back = 3’. If you get 70% or less, the gap decreases to a 1-back for the next 20 turns. (For a 1-back, you simply have to remember the previous location or letter in the series.) Otherwise the n-back level stays the same. The working memory ‘n-back’ gap can in principle increase all the way to a 5-back,  6-back or even higher, as your working memory training for spatial information takes effect.

Dual N-Back – Visual and Audio

The ‘Dual Mode’ training operates in exactly the same way as in either ‘Visual Mode’ and ‘Audio Mode’, starting with an ‘n-back’ = 2.  The difference is that you now have to keep track of  not just one sensory modality but two – simultaneously!  At the same time as the square moves from location to location, you hear phonologically distinct letters. You must press the ‘F’ key if there is a visual match and the ‘L’ key if there is an audio (letter) match. If there is a match for both at the same time, you must press both the ‘F’ key and the ‘L’ key together. In the diagram below there are 2 spatial (square) matches and 2 verbal (letter) matches in 6 moves.


For more detailed strategies on n back training click here.

Brain Teasers

In addition to the n-back training, after every daily session you are presented with systematically designed IQ problems. these are optional in the training but they enable you to develop foundational problem solving skills using the principle of ‘strategy-capacity IQ training’. The problems come with online tutorials to enable you to develop effective problem-solving strategies.

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Why This Simple Task Works

Read here why this simple combination of the n-back and carefully designed but fun brain teasers works to increase your IQ, short term memory and attentional focus – long term (click).

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